What are the nominations?
Russian Art Focus Prize has two nominations:
"The publication on contemporary Russian art" - for publications in the official media, as well as detailed articles in blogs and social networks.
3,000 characters (500 words) – the minimum text size.
"The research paper on contemporary Russian art" - for articles in catalogues, conference reports, research publications.
10,000 characters (1700 words) – the minimum text size.

What do the winners receive?
The Prize fund is 6,000 Euro.
3,000 Euro is the reward for each of two winners.
Both winners will be invited to the award ceremony event that will take place in Vienna on September 3rd at viennacontemporary art fair. Organizers cover all travel and accommodation costs.

Who can apply?
Everybody aged 18 or older.
The are no restrictions on applicants' nationality, gender, race and professional background.

Can I nominate an author?
Yes, you can nominate a text you like if you receive a written agreement from its author.

What are the criteria for texts to be submitted?
The text must be published online or in print by the time of being submitted.
The text must be written in English.
The text needs cover actual events during 2015-2021 or be relevant to this given time frame.
Texts published in Russian Art Focus can be submitted if it is not written by the editorial team.

What else should I know?
By submitting their applications participants agree to Terms & Conditions of the Prize. You can read full Terms & Conditions of the prize here. Submissions for the competition are accepted at only.
April 1st - July 1st
Applications are accepted at

July 1st – 15th
Russian Art Focus editorial board selects the shortlist

July 15th
Shortlist announcement (5 finalists in each nomination)

July 15th – 30th
Jury meets & votes

July 31st
Laureates are announced

September 3d
Award ceremony event at viennacontemporary art fair in Vienna